Inspiring the spark of potential in each child

Because We Care

We’re passionate about the philosophy behind Milestone Achievements. Empowered by an ABA approach that views challenges as opportunities, we implement a tailored plan, structured to your child’s needs alone.

Building on individual strengths while addressing weaknesses, we train parents to partner in a personalized ABA program of invigorating expertise, camaraderie, floor-time fun and all-important family-child interaction.

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The Capabilities

Within Your Child

  1. Caring Professionals

    Your assigned therapist is paired to match your child’s needs and develop a warm relationship that furthers the treatment plan.

  2. ABA + Method

    We use a tailored ABA approach, supplemented by individualized treatment plans and inter-family connection.

  3. In-Home, In-School

    You choose therapy-site, either comfort, ease and convenience of home or school to enhance the experience.

  4. Successful Results

    Baby steps to leaps of growth that lead to milestones of achievement and a mark of success.

We Create a Customized Plan for Your Child

At Milestone Achievements there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all program, but a tailored-fit-program for each.

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